Career Astrology report and consultation on specific areas of highest success / favourable timings for Job and busines.

Career Astrology


In Vedic astrology, one assesses career by blending the influences of key houses and planets. The most important house is the first house or lagna. If we had only one house to analyze before making a judgment, this would be it. The first house represents the person as a whole and therefore planets or aspects here can shape a person’s outlook that reflects the planets’ significations. The first house ruler or lagnesh is also important. A person with Pisces rising that has lagnesh Jupiter closely conjoined by Venus will probably need to express that Venusian side in some fundamental way in their lives. But that only narrows down our choices somewhat since Venus encompasses a fairly wide range of vocational options. It may be art, entertainment, beauty and cosmetics, or prostitution, to name a few. We can narrow down these choices even more by looking at the rest of the key factors in the chart.

Your Birth-Chart Reveals Your Career

This report gives you the full details of how each planet impacts your career, and the the important aspcets and combinations that will decide how far you get ahead in life, and in what field.

• Detailed analysis of each planet's impact on your career

  • • Analysis of various Yogas that impact your career

  • • Will your career be in your hometown or away?

  • • Will you be successful in job or business?

  • • Will your fortune support you?

  • • Answers to these questions & more..

Make the right choices for your career 

The Career Analysis report will give you the interpretation of your horoscope with your career in mind. It will discuss the state of the kundali houses that influence your career, and will tell you what planets will have a prominent role to play.

Get astrology remedies to improve your career 

Unfavorable planets can stop you from achieving your true destiny. Make conditions favorable for yourself by using the eays to perform remedies prescribed in the report for your afflicted planets.

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