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Aries Compatibility With Cancer

Aries Compatibility With Cancer An Aries individual is devoted towards his family, but not as much as a Cancerian is. Infact, too much affection and demands on the part of family or friends may make the Aries feel suffocated. A person with an Aries zodiac needs to have his individual existence and freedom, while a cancer has a constant need for intimacy and mutual dependence. This may make Aries appear as cold, callous and indifferent, and a Cancer look like needy and sensitive in the extreme. At times, Cancerian may feel as if he is the only one contributing to the relationship.

The compatibility of this relationship will depend to a great extent on how much both the individuals understand each other and learn from each other. Aries can teach Cancer how to become independent. On the other hand, he can also learn compassion and a little sensitivity from the crab. Adjustment is the key word in an Aries Cancer love match. Aries will have to learn to control his frank speech, or he may hurt the sensitive crab too much. At the same time, Cancer must try to control his excessive mood swings & cope up with the outgoing spirit of the ram.

Aries Man Relationship with Cancer Woman

The instability of an Aries man may not go down too well with a Cancer woman. His casual remarks might break her soft, vulnerable heart. She may shower him with too much love, care and concern, which may make him feel smothered. Her idea of a small, cozy love nest may not appeal to him much, while she may get too jealous if he throws admiring glances at other females. If an Aries man learns to provide her that emotional comfort every now and then and the Cancerian female learns to let him have his much-needed freedom, this relationship can work out very smoothly.

Aries Woman Relationship with Cancer Man

An Aries woman is always on the move, while a Cancer man loves to sit in his comfortable armchair ever evening. Even though both the signs are immediately drawn to each other, they will have to work hard to make the attraction stay. She will want her freedom and individuality and may find him too possessive and restraining. On top of that, she will find it difficult to understand his mood swings. Both are pretty stubborn and inflexible. Either one of the two will have to bend a little. If this is achieved, the relationship will definitely be on the way to success.

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