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Gemini Horoscope (Mithun)

Gemini General Behavior:

Individuals born under the Gemini zodiac sign are usually quite polite, generous and of a jolly nature. They are blessed with a tall build, a big nose and beautiful hair. They have a brilliant mind and their intelligence gets easily reflected in the walk they talk and look. You will hardly find Gemini uttering words that are not pleasant to the ears. Gemini are very clever, kind-hearted, frivolous and compassionate by nature. Material wealth comes easily to them and they never shy away from any kind of hard work.

Gemini individuals are very good at discussions and have a very subtle way with words. God-fearing people, they are more inclined towards business than service. Infact, it is the former one that helps them in attaining wealth as well as fame in life. However, they face a lot of hurdles while going up the ladder of success. They love the finer things in life, like arts, dance and music. You will hardly find Gemini wasting their money. They will not be stingy, but they will not squander their money either.

Find a comprehensive horoscope forecast, covering important aspects of life, for the Gemini sun sign for the year 2008 - 2009!

Gemini General Forecast

The planets of Saturn and Ketu will remain in the third house throughout the year. Jupiter will be in the seventh house, while Rahu will be in the eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Gemini Wealth, Career and Business

Owing to the favorable position of Saturn and Jupiter, this year is very lucky from the point of view of wealth, career and business. You will experience success in your profession. You may also take over a new, and more rewarding, job. In the field of politics, you will achieve a higher status and position. You may also receive recognition in the society. The other positive effects of Saturn and Jupiter will include an unexpected wealth gain and extraordinary success in business. You may formulate some new plans in relation to your career or business. Students will have to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Gemini Health

You will need to take some extra care of your health in 2008. The unfavorable position of Mars may lead to some physical ailments. You may experience health problems like gastric troubles, fever or even blood-related ailments. Please be extra careful while driving or you may have to spend money on the doctor. Apart from physical problems, you may undergo some mental stress too. You may get angry easily or feel irritated for no reason at all, because of all this.

Gemini Love Matters

In the matters of heart, this year will mostly be good for Gemini individuals. For those who are unmarried, wedding bells may ring soon. The single ones may fall in love and find their 'someone special'. For the Gemini females, this year will bring lots of happiness. The love relations of Gemini will blossom and they will feel that the bond that they are sharing with their partner is strengthening.

Gemini Travel

There are chances of undergoing a pleasant journey. You may go on a foreign tour or some other long trip. You might also buy a new car this year.

Gemini Domestic Life

Since the Jupiter planet is in a favorable position, Gemini individuals feel contented on their domestic front this year. A guest may pay you a visit this year, filling the whole environment with happiness. However, a family member may encounter some problems in the health area. This may lead to some tension and anxiety. You will be respected in your family and loved by all.

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