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By dividing Dinamanna i.e. the diurnal period by 8, we get eight parts of the time between sunrise and sunset. The first part of the time is ruled by the lord of the day like Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday. The part of time which falls after the time ruled by Saturn belongs to Gulika.

Similarly for fixing Gulika in night birth, we take Ratrimanna i.e. the nocturnal period and divide in equal eight parts. Here the eighth part too belong to Saturn and is called Gulika. However, the usage method of finding out the Gulika is based on a day and night of 30 ghatis = 12 hours each. Rising time for Gulika during the day for seven days for Sunday to Saturday is at 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, 6 and 2 ghatis from the time of sunrise. For night, the order from Sunday onwards is 10, 6, 2, 22, 18, and 14 ghatis from sunset.

Rishi Parasara in the following sloka has described the commencement of Gulika as follows:

गुलिकारम्भ काले यत्स्फुटं तज्जन्मकालिकम्।
गुलिकं प्रोच्यते तस्माज्जातकस्य फलं

Here the cusp of the sign rising at the beginning of the Gulika segment is considered as Gulika.


First House - Native posses cruel attitude, suffer from eye problems. Hate classical and traditional literature and rituals. Always cursing himself.

Second House - Speaks ill of others. Involve himself in domestic troubles. Face financial hardship.

Third House - Proudy, selfish and remain aloof from society. Fond of drinking and always fighting with siblings.

Fourth House - Lives in dirty atmosphere. Shortage of funds and no pleasure of any conveyance.

Fifth House - Worries on account of children. Dogmatic views and lack higher education.

Sixth House- Involve himself in many vices and suffers from its ill effects. Always troubled by enemies.

Seventh House - Character doubtful and spoils reputation in family circle – Suspicious about spouse.

Eighth House - Life full of unending troubles. Suffer from chronic diseases – speak ill of others. Always threat to longevity.

Ninth House - Suffering due to early death of father. No religious aptitude.

Tenth House - No proper and gainful sources of income. Changing profession and unsuccessful in business.

Eleventh House - Gains from progeny. Plenty of wealth. Luxurious life style.

Twelth House - Poor living. Unable to meet fimily expenses. Depend on others for financial help.

Gulika gives favourable results in upachaya houses like 3 – 6 – 10 and 11. The unavourable results of Gulika are lost when the rashi and Navamsa Lords of Gulika dispositor are debilitated or combust.



The natural karaka planets when associated with Gulika destroy or diminish good results of that planet.

Gulika and Sun - Harmful to the longevity of Father.

Gulika and Moon - Loss of comforts from mother.

Gulika and Mars  - Adverse family relations with co-borns and suffer from their early death.

Gulika and Mercury - Native remain mentally disturbed.

Gulika and Jupiter - Person misuse the religious feelings of others. Pose himself as religious fanatics.

Gulika and Venus - Suffers due to bad company of doubtful character women and ruins his marital life.

Gulika and Saturn  - Suffer from skin and allergy diseases.

Gulika and Rahu  - Prone to infection and virus diseases.
Gulika and Ketu - Fear from bad characters and criminals.



Even with many unfavourable traits mentioned above, Gulika posses powers of conferring Raja Yoga like honouring the native with highest position in profession/career, dignity and honour throughout life, political powers leading to holding ministerial post. Name and fame and comforts of luxurious life.

            Phala Deepika Chapter 25 sloka – 18 describe as follows:

गुलिकभवननाथे केन्द्रगे वा त्रिकोणे बलिनि निजगृहस्थे स्वोच्चमित्रस्थिते वा।
रथगजतुरगाणां नायको मारतुल्यो महितपृथुयशास्स्यान्मेदिनीमण्डलेन्द्रः।।

These Raja Yogas will fructify in case the dispositor of Gulika; its Navamsa lords are placed in Kendra or trikona houses or in its own sign or in its exaltation. These avasthas of Gulika dispositor nullify the adverse effects of Gulika and give Raj Yoga results. But its propensity as maraca remain intact.


The above principles are explained in the following horoscopes:



J.L. Nehru DOB 14.11.1889 TOB 23.00 hrs. POB, Allahabad.


Gulika is located in 3rd house in Virgo and its dispositor is placed in 4th Kendra house. Thus dispositor being place in Kendra has given the native the powers to rule India. Mercury is associated with own Sign Lord Venus which is also 11th Lord and conferred him lot of wealth and reputation.



Ratan Tata DOB 28.12.1936 TOB 06.30 hrs. POB Mumbai.

Text Box: Mer   Ven  10    	9  Sat  11	Sun   	Rah	  8        Jup	7 Mar  12        1	3  Moon        2	6        5  Ketu      4  Gulika

Gulika is placed in 8th house in cancer and its Lord Moon is in 7th Kendra house. So the dispositor be placed in Kendra has given lot of family wealth to the native since childhood. The native is controlling lot of enterprises successfully in the country.

List of other horoscopes where the above principle is applicable

1. AB Bajpai            

DOB 25.12.1924 TOB 05.45 hrs. POB Gwalior.

2. Dr. Kunal Choudhary (USA)

DOB 15.10.1961 TOB 05.15 hrs. POB Muzaffarpur.

3. Prof. S.N. Gaur (Chest Diseases Specialist)

DOB 23.05.1952 TOB 22.45 hrs. POB Delhi.

4. Jugal Kishore Birla

DOB 23.05.1883 TOB 09.30 hrs. POB Plani.

5. Former Judge, Delhi High Court

DOB 12.04.1940 TOB 01.21 hrs. POB Shahjahanpur.

Jaya Lalita

DOB 24.02.1948 TOB 14.34 hrs. POB Chennai.

Pooja Sharma (National Kabbadi Champion)

DOB 31.08.1984 TOB 05.00 hrs. POB Meerut.


DOB 12.01.1863 TOB 06.40 hrs. POB Calcutta.



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