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Prof.Roshan Lal Dwivedi

Astrology Counseling by a team of expert astrologer headed by Prof. R.L.Dwivedi. Prof. R.L.Dwivedi has taught astrology in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan(New Delhi) and persently teaching advance astrology in the classes run by The Indian Council of Atrological Sciences in New Delhi. Prof. Dwivedi holds Master Degree in Economics and recently awarded the title of Jyotish Vachaspati by the Indian Council of Atrological Sciences.Prof. Dwivedi is presently Chairman of the Delhi Chapter – One of the Council.

Roshan Lal Dwivedi


Analysis of Horoscope (For Major Event in Life)

Astrological Solutions Concerning

Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Professionion and Business
Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Marriage Proposal and Astrological Matching
Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Martial tensions
Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Auspicious Muhorata or Electional Astrology
Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Remedies
Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Annual Horoscope or Varshaphal


Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Personalised Astrology Teaching Facility Available at my residence. (Delhi Only)

Prof. Roshan Lal Dwivedi Fee will be charged as per the requirement of learner.

Teaching will be undertaken only from Monday to Friday.
Medium of Teaching will be in English/Hindi.