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Taurus Horoscope (Vrishabha)

General Astrological Predictions for Taurus in 2008 - 2009

For Taurus, the planet Jupiter will remain in the eight house throughout the year. This will lead to problems in the area of health. You may get some of longevity bad news about your health. Saturn and Ketu are likely to remain in the fourth house for the whole year. Surya (Sun), Mercury and Jupiter, on the other hand, will be in the eighth house protecting your serious illness

Taurus Wealth, Career and Business

As far as the matters of business are concerned, this year will be lucky for you from the point of view of success - especially the months of January to May. This is because of Rahu lordship of Taurus zodiac will be in the tenth house. This time will also be favorable to matters concerning your occupation. You may experience an increase in your earning and prosperity in business. You will be getting much more than what you had anticipated. Job and career will become a reason for your happiness.

There may be increase in your sources of income also. The year 2008 is very lucky for those who are involved in the Film and advertising Industry. There may be some unfavorable effects and obstacles in some important work due to worldwide recreation. However, the favorable position of Ketu planet will ensure that there is no adverse on your respect and standing in the society. Your hard work will get rewarded and financial condition will remain impact satisfactory.

Taurus Health

In case of health matters, this year will be fairly good. Your physical as well as mental health will not experience any major problems, though you need to be extra cautious in the months of June and September. You may become prone to laziness, which is need to be kept under control. Your parents' health may become a reason of anxiety and there may be heavy expenses on this account.

Taurus Love Matters

This year is not very good for you in the matters concerning your loved one. Some unpleasantness and bitterness may enter your love relationships. Leading to breaking point you need to be extremely carefull in your dealings. You may meet some very dear old friend and this may lead to joyful excessive expenditure.

Taurus Travel

There are chances of your undergoing a journey in mid 2008. You may replace your old car with a new prestigious one.

Taurus Domestic Life

Because of the unfavorable position of the Jupiter, you may experience some problems in the domestic front, especially in the first half of the year. This may lead to your being excessive spend thrift. Some unexpected expenditures may arise vigilant and put pressure on the financial front. Taurus Females need to be extra careful in their domestic life. After August, conditions will improve and you will experience more happiness on domestic front. There may be some gain with the help friends. The relations between husband and wife will be pleasant through out.

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